Review: Oriflame Giordani Gold Iconic All In One Mascara

Mascara's are the one of the most important for the last touch for that dramatic look for your eyes. Whatever it takes I can't complete my look without stroking up the mascara. I don't have voluminous lashes that will make my eyes look dramatic naturally. Also, I am not a fan of the fake lashes,... Continue Reading →


The Granola Recipe

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And literally, breakfast is my favorite meal, as a food junkie if you get something to eat just after you wake up that it will be the best of all. Also, the taste for the breakfast differ for me day to day and to my mood,... Continue Reading →

Sunny Summer Smoothie

It always feels great to share something great. So, here I am sharing a recipe that I have just tried which taste as amazing as it sounds. Also, as the summer is already burning up I thought to try a drink which is as healthy as tasty. So, I tried the Sunny summer smoothie which... Continue Reading →

The Best of Summer Foundations

The 2017 summer is officially here and as like every year "the how to keep your makeup last throughout the day" become a huge concern for all the makeup addict out there. If the base of your makeup is perfect you just don't need to worry much, and to get the great base that will... Continue Reading →

Take a breath in a Busy Life

It's a busy life and we all are forgetting to take enough time for us. Not only the adulthood but in today's age even the children/ all the teenagers are so busy to make time for themselves. No, doubt this is the reason, for which most of us are suffering from depression, anxiety and whole... Continue Reading →

Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick

  Today I will be reviewing a product from the brand which is one of the well known higher end brand whose blushes and every scented eye shadow palette is famous. And no doubt everyone loves them and it's none other than too faced. So, today too faced product that I will be reviewing is... Continue Reading →

The NYX HD Concealer

We all dream of a perfect concealer that can hide all the imperfection without giving out any patchiness. After a huge hunt for the perfect concealer for more than a month, I finally grab the NYX HD Professional concealer. Packaging- It is a stick/wand concealer. It comes in a tube form which makes it really... Continue Reading →

A list remain undone

This post is a part of write over weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. Literally, I have started to write it for this weekend, but end up writing a memory for me to go back and read so that I could remember about how I have worked on me on my anxiety. Every... Continue Reading →

What I Love (A Haul)

If you get a chance to pamper yourself and if someone ask you to have something, then what will be the first thing that you would love to have for you?? If someone would have asked me this question, my answer always will be having makeup products and a bundle of books. So, this time... Continue Reading →

After a month

It's been a month that I have sat here and has written my thoughts down to share. This year started with so much in my life that I barely got the time to myself. But, whatever it was I will always wish every year start with this hustle and bustle. Starting with 2017, started my... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Day

After a very long time the Christmas this year bring has brought an unforgettable day/ memories in my life, this Christmas was awesome it was like Santa brought me one of the best day ever in my life. It's been such a long time that I have gone for a family outing, I have always... Continue Reading →

Casual Looks

Fashion does not mean to be on the most costliest dress, or to buy the most branded outfit. Fashion means to be in the comfort zone, be confident on the outfits you have picked for yourself and it does not matter where there the outfits belongs to the most costly brands or not Your taste... Continue Reading →

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