Those people and we

Everyday starts with new expectation, with new morning or a new way to lead life.

But sometimes, someday may not starts with a new morning in a life. Especially when you are surrounded by the people who always takes you down, who always shows their leadership without knowing how the others even their own gonna react to their rudeness, even those people never thought that their behaviour making others life difficult, making others life starts with all new way of anxiety.
Yes, the people surround us, taking us down, but we should try our best to stand up, they have insulted our talent our way to live, but no worries they may also suffer during their lifetime, no ill will (I believe god is there). But their behaviour taking the self us down. No, matter how much stronger we are, also at the end of the day we are also a human (while writing this line, suddenly Christina Perri’s song “HUMAN” pop out in my mind, awesome song) it hurts.
This post of mine may be too much to take for my readers, but I am sharing this with a solution, because I think there are lots of people out who are facing this kind of situation needed help. So, here I am with it.
1. Cut out with the negative people and interact with the people that can makes you happy, that can make your surroundings feel with positiveness not negativity.
2. Detoxifying- It means that go out, roam around , go to the places that can actually make you happy, go to a movie, this can make you happy as this will make you stay out of those negative people.
3. Make time for yourself- It means take some time out for yourself, do the things that make you happy, that you love to do. Example- If I would do the things that i love to do then it would be doing makeup, eating my favourite food and shopping.
4. Stop worrying about others, no one can help you, you are the helper for yourself.
5. If you get upset for those people then take a deep breath and just go for a walk, believe me this helps a lot to calm down and also it makes your mind free of all negativity you have faced.
Recently I went to detoxify with a person that makes me feel motivated, makes me feel happy and that person’s present makes my surrounding fill with positivity.
I hope these all the solutions gonna help most of you. And if it does so, then let me know through your comments and if any of you have some suggestions then let me know also.
I have started to be happy and positive. Now, you all have to take the initiative for you.

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