The Diet Concept

Dieting has become a new trend, a new fashion which is slowly accepting and getting included in almost everyone life, for to be healthy or to lose weight. But dieting is included in the lifestyle for basically losing weight.

Dieting is the concept to lose weight whereas to be on a diet is the way to get healthy or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Yes, its true that dieting and to be on a diet is two different concepts, but both are related to our eating habits.

To be on a diet means like maintaining the balance of all the intake of nutrients. Our body requires all kinds of nutrients to be healthy. The body requires all that vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, antioxidants, etc. Maintaining our daily diet (i.e. balance eating) helps our body to stay fit, healthy and also energetic. Balance eating is not only good for our body but also it is good for our mind (our brain functioning) as balance eating contribute to our memory (in the good way) and also makes us active from mind too. Be on the daily diet not only has a lot of benefit but also it can contribute to our weight loss journey. As proper intake of healthy fats with regular exercise will not add more fats to our body, but it can cut the excess fat that our body has stored. 

It has been always told to us that our habit should have 80% of eating and 20% of exercising.
Whereas dieting means cutting out many foods from our daily diet. This can lead to cut down of many nutrient intake from our diet that our body actually requires.This also can stave our body. By starving our body, the results cannot be achieved and also will get devoid of a healthy lifestyle. Even we also will face memory loss, feel weak, will also get exhausted very soon.

By dieting you may lose weight, but you will gain in the very next, you will gain the twice the weight you lose as you will lose the muscles due to the cut down of some of the nutrients that actually your body require.

So, it is better being healthy by on diet rather than dieting.
NOTE:- To be as happy as you require everything that can make you happy. So, to be healthy your body require all that nutrients.


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