Summer and a Monsoon LookBook

Fashion is the thing that everyone is born with. Everyone has their own fashion attitude, and their personal taste to style. And everybody should get comfortable in what they wear, as because comfort brings the confident in your style.

Fashion gets changed with the season and yes, even with mood, like your makeup. And sometimes we all love to mix and match our style.
Here I bring three fresh and some of my favourite style for this summer and monsoon.
                                                           1. Casual Day Out-
This is simple sweet everyday casual outfit and I am going crazy with this outfit look as its really comfy with the leggings and a kurti top. This is the best outfit to wear in the summer time and this outfitlooks cool and smart. Mix and match with the colours and patterns.
Kurti top- Kolkata New Market
Price- INR 200k
Leggings- Lyra
Price- INR 499
Scandal- Kolkata New Market
Price- INR 200
Sling Bag- Kolkata New Market
Price- INR 200
2. Reflect the attitude
This the Best of me. Its the outfit suited for the monsoon and the ankle lenght jeans gives the best of summer. Wear this style with confident.
Top- Big Bazaar
Price- INR 799
Jeans- Lawman (Killer)
Price- INR 1299
Casual Shoe- Big Bazaar
Price- INR 599
Reflector Glass- Kolkata New Market
Price INR 100
3.Show Stopper

Bring the best out of you with this night time party look. Wearing a jumpsuit can be actually comfortable during summer as well as monsoon. Wear the look with a pair of bellies heel and you are good to go.

                                                       Price- INR 700

                                                      Shoe- Catwal
                                                      Price- INR 1899

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