Oriflame The One Range (Review)

Before seven years I was introduced to this brand and without any regret I am using this today also.

Oriflame has been a beauty brand that is loved and used by my whole family. Like my Mom is a huge fan of their lipsticks. My Aunt, just can’t go without the beauty oils.

It’s always been a thumbs up brands for my family. And today I want to talk about some makeup beauties of a range from Oriflame.

I am going to share my experience on the “The One” range of three products.

1. Everlasting foundation:-

Packaging:- I just loved the packaging It has got a pump on it, so you will know how much amount is required to get the perfect coverage and also you will not mess around or spill.

The bottle is of glass material, so it’s a bit heavy, but that doesn’t count when it’s too handy.

Coverage:- It gives medium to build able coverage and the te
xture of the foundation is not too heavy, its light weighted and stays for a long period of time.

It has got three shades

a) Colour fair nude    Code:31161

b) Colour nude pink   Code:31162

c) Colour natural beige   Code:31163

Cost:- It cost for INR 899 and I think its worth the price.

2. The One Colour Impact Cream Eye Shadow:-

Packaging:- It’s really cute and great for your makeup stack.

For a sweat proof makeup I would definitely suggest to invest on this cute little eyeshadow. It has six colour’s and the eyeshadow will get in individuals round little boxes.

Cost– It cost for INR 499. And I think for the amount the cost could be a little low.

3. The One Lip Spa Care Lip Balm:-

Packaging:- Its packaging is like all the other lipstick there is no fancy about that. But one thing I like about the lip balm is that it really moisturises my lips.

I apply it before I apply my lip colours and it has really kept my lip moistened.

It is available on two shades- a) Colour Transparent

b) Colour natural pink.

Cost– It is cost for INR 299, and according to me it quiet good.



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