My bed side table (at hostel)

The bedside table, the bedside table has always been the most important table for me, I know everyone will agree to my statement, because it’s the easiest way to access to your things that you require throughout the day. And here is my bedside table that I have designed or you can say decorated in my hostel. I am living in hostel since 2013 and literally its been my place to live and I have to declare it the way I actually want to live in or the way I would love to stay.

I was never that tidiest person in my whole life, but staying away from parents’ home really helped to take a real course on tiding. My bedside table to may not look so tidiest but I tried to keep it, at least with the things that I love to or where the things that are really like I need it. Though spaces are really very limited as I share a room with two more people, I have to be smart enough to choose the things and declare the way I need it. And I think you actually have to work really smart to make the space look tidy and at the same time beautiful.


In one corner I keep a fake plant because I really love to keep a plant in my room, (I have one in the room at my parents place), but as my hostel doesn’t allow one to keep I opted for a fake one, and also make my table look more beautiful and also I love it.

I reuse some of the boxes (that are usually you will get foods in), as pen stand, brush holder, etc., and also to store my hair accessories. I had some external cords and the famous table lamp that I use for filming my videos. And the basics, lotion, Deo, face powder, my lens bag, tea, my nasal saver nasal spray and last but not the least my spec boxes, this is one of the most important things on my table as its the first thing that I grab as soon as I wake up.


This post is a kind of DIY for your bedside table for your documentary to have some idea to style it without making it the junction of everything. I love to share my work and my designs every time.


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