Casual Looks

Fashion does not mean to be on the most costliest dress, or to buy the most branded outfit. Fashion means to be in the comfort zone, be confident on the outfits you have picked for yourself and it does not matter where there the outfits belongs to the most costly brands or not

Your taste for fashion and clothing will always get explained through the way you design your look. I always love to be independent in the way I wear and design my looks. And when it comes to casual I am really picky as casual is the look that I and also most probably you all will be wearing in day to day basis. .

So, here are four casual outfits that I usually go for and feel confident and comfortable on.





As, you can see the most of the time I am in jeans because jeans or trousers are the kind of outfits that make be comfortable and confident for the day. Hope, that you all have loved my way to portray the fashion.

Also, do you all agree with me that fashion should the way you all feel comfortable??

Dress to Impress yourself not for others.


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