The Christmas Day

After a very long time the Christmas this year bring has brought an unforgettable day/ memories in my life, this Christmas was awesome it was like Santa brought me one of the best day ever in my life. It’s been such a long time that I have gone for a family outing, I have always missed those gone days basically the childhood were me and my family always found out time in two months for some outings.


I belong to a huge joint family with all my aunts, uncles and my lovely cousins. But now as we all are grown up we stay in the places where we are pursuing our degree or having our jobs and even some of our cousins are already married so they are now in their laws, it’s really become so difficult for us to get together now. But this time when we get together after such a long time we make sure that we will make it the most memorable one. So, finally this Christmas we make a plan for the family picnic and also it was the weekend so why not. And the day went so well with so much fun that I wish that every year we can get together which I know it’s kind of impossible.


I am from the greenest part of India that Is I am from Assam and live in a small, very small town, so it was not so hard to get the best picnic spot to have it. I really loved the place we have chosen to spend the day, it was full of space to enjoy with a river rig beside the spot with a tiny bridge that leads to the rest room.


We cooked our food there only and played a lot, but the craziest part was me, I was just going crazy with my camera. I was roaming around with it for all the candid pics. I was the camera girl in the picnic.


So, how was your Christmas?? Let’s share how our days went by.


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