After a month

It’s been a month that I have sat here and has written my thoughts down to share.

This year started with so much in my life that I barely got the time to myself. But, whatever it was I will always wish every year start with this hustle and bustle. Starting with 2017, started my new yoga class which I was so excited to attend for as I was sharing the class with my mother.

Then they get together with my cousins after such a long time, which has made the starting of the year, more amazing and has built a lot of amazing memories. And we all know that when cousins or siblings come along what a fun time we all can create.


Then the mid of the month January starts with the “Trips”, all the long trips, short trips, road trips, etc. which ended with the end of the month. Starting with short road trips with my family from my home town was unbelievable which evocation are captured in my lenses.


Then start with the long trip. The best long trip was the Hyderabad trip with my college mates, which we all has visited as an Industrial tour, but the memories that we all have made was such amazing that will be remembered a lifetime. We all have visited very few monumental places like Charminar and The Golconda Fort, but the fun was more. Then we visited so many Industries from which we learn specially me that there is so much to be learned and to do in once life.


So, this is how my whole the month has gone by, it was so much to do and have to be remembered for the whole life. How was your start of the year went by?


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