What I Love (A Haul)

If you get a chance to pamper yourself and if someone ask you to have something, then what will be the first thing that you would love to have for you??

If someone would have asked me this question, my answer always will be having makeup products and a bundle of books. So, this time when I get the time to pamper myself with gifts, my mind immediately thought of the one and only of makeup. From a good amount of the month I was thinking to have some good new makeup products in my collection as the makeup world is just increasing so quickly with all new brands and all new makeup, and I am just staying out of it, so I needed to get updated. You, always don’t have to go overboard with makeup and always updated with the brands and products, but as makeup is the only thing that can always make my mood up and makeup is my first love. So, it’s my choice to have a full on collection of makeup, if you are a makeup lover then you will definitely know how is the feeling.


So, this time I have gone for the makeup from the Nykaa sale which is going on for the Valentine’s Day and I purchased some bits and bobs for me.

Firstly, I went to a foundation as I really wanted to try some new and exciting products. I firstly thought to have the Maybelline New York Dream Satin the Velvet one, but The Maybelline Dream Satin liquid one has attracted me more and I have the liquid one. And I don’t regret to have it, I literally loved it and it has become one of my favorite Maybelline products.


I wanted to have some new concealer and something that will be amazing and will suit my skin tone and I had two of the concealer one is from NYX and the other from Essence and yes, both are of different formulation and packaging as one that is the NYX one is liquid and the Essence is in cream formulation.


Then I went for an eyebrow enhancer which was from Maybelline New York again the Fashion Brow Duo sharper one, which I totally love.


I bought one new eyeshadow palette from the brand that was launched in India few months back that is the L. A. girl. And the eyeshadow one was the show stopper for this haul. I was just eagerly waiting specially for this product.


Last but not the list I had a dry shampoo from Bblunt, which I already owe one, but I had forgotten to buy that with me to my hostel place, so I made the purchase.


I hope that you all have loved this little haul blog. And let me know what will be the thing that you would love to spoil yourself with?


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