A list remain undone

This post is a part of write over weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Literally, I have started to write it for this weekend, but end up writing a memory for me to go back and read so that I could remember about how I have worked on me on my anxiety.

Every weekend starts with whole lots of enthusiasm to do a lot of stuff but believe me if you are lazy enough, then you will end up with only 40% done and another 60% would be lagging behind.

Every start of the weekend I will always have a “To-Do” list, I usually have a To-Do list for every day. But some weekends get so lazy that more than half of the list still undone. Thus this weekend went by, the laziest week ever. Before starting of the week I sat down to take down all the things that I have to do for this weekend, and the list became ever ending, but it was quite natural for me.


Now, at the end of the weekend when I look back to the list I felt that if I could have been a little productive and not a lazy then at least I would have completed 80% of the task.

The most important task for me was working on my new videos and completing some of the email staffs which I quite completed. I couldn’t complete the main thing that is to film four videos this weekend. I know four videos on the weekend could be too much, but when you love doing this and have nowhere to go then its perfect. And when you are more prone to anxiety than in every single small thing I always get anxiety. So, did this weekend with full of anxiety. I don’t love this feeling and I am trying to work on my anxiety.


So, this weekend end with some undone staffs that I actually had to do.


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