Take a breath in a Busy Life

It’s a busy life and we all are forgetting to take enough time for us. Not only the adulthood but in today’s age even the children/ all the teenagers are so busy to make time for themselves. No, doubt this is the reason, for which most of us are suffering from depression, anxiety and whole lots of mental illness. We all need some time to yourself, never ever underestimate the time that you get to yourself.


My fav Pic

Working every day, thinking all new ideas every day, taking all the pressure every moment, you all need some trip out. Lets talk about the real life or you can say the basic example for this situation that we all know and come across is that when you are going to the gym every day and lifting up all those weights which are hands down the best exercise that you will come across, but when you are performing it every day your muscles will be going through anaerobic respiration and you will have fatigue so it’s always suggested a day off from gym (rest day). Now, so do our mind and soul need some day rest from all that pressure and busy schedule.


So, I took the weekend off this time and went to the places I love also has indulged me into the thing I love to do like shopping to visit new and exciting places. Also, this trip has actually helped me a lot and made me fresh to start with all that usual life again but sometimes a mini trip makes a whole lot difference.




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