Review: Oriflame Giordani Gold Iconic All In One Mascara

Mascara’s are the one of the most important for the last touch for that dramatic look for your eyes. Whatever it takes I can’t complete my look without stroking up the mascara.

I don’t have voluminous lashes that will make my eyes look dramatic naturally. Also, I am not a fan of the fake lashes, for me, it is a fiddly product to use. No, offense it takes the look to another level but that’s not for me.

So, I always in a hunt for voluminous mascara, there is a lot that I have fallen in love. But the Oriflame Giordani Gold Iconic All in One Mascara has worked the best for my upper as well as my lower lashes. The Packaging is really sleek and handy in a fancy tube. The wand is not thick, it is in a perfect size to use for the lower lashes also. The bristle is made of plastic, I know many of you may not be a huge fan of the plastic bristle. But the plastic bristle is the best for non-clumpy lashes.


This mascara gives the volume that you required without clumping the lashes. Also, due to its thin wand, it is easy to use on your lower lashes too.



It cost for Rs. 899/-, I know you can get a lot of other mascaras with same benefits less than the price. But, Oriflame has got some discount always for now or then.


1. Thin wand.

2. Sleek and handy packaging.

3. Gives voluminous finish to lashes.

4. Can be used for upper as well as lower lashes.


1.Higher in price.

2. Not waterproof.

If you are willing to purchase this mascara or any other Oriflame products contact to the Instagram store @blurrbeautynfashion

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