Review: Oriflame Giordani Gold Iconic All In One Mascara

Mascara's are the one of the most important for the last touch for that dramatic look for your eyes. Whatever it takes I can't complete my look without stroking up the mascara. I don't have voluminous lashes that will make my eyes look dramatic naturally. Also, I am not a fan of the fake lashes,... Continue Reading →


The Best of Summer Foundations

The 2017 summer is officially here and as like every year "the how to keep your makeup last throughout the day" become a huge concern for all the makeup addict out there. If the base of your makeup is perfect you just don't need to worry much, and to get the great base that will... Continue Reading →

Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick

  Today I will be reviewing a product from the brand which is one of the well known higher end brand whose blushes and every scented eye shadow palette is famous. And no doubt everyone loves them and it's none other than too faced. So, today too faced product that I will be reviewing is... Continue Reading →

The NYX HD Concealer

We all dream of a perfect concealer that can hide all the imperfection without giving out any patchiness. After a huge hunt for the perfect concealer for more than a month, I finally grab the NYX HD Professional concealer. Packaging- It is a stick/wand concealer. It comes in a tube form which makes it really... Continue Reading →

What I Love (A Haul)

If you get a chance to pamper yourself and if someone ask you to have something, then what will be the first thing that you would love to have for you?? If someone would have asked me this question, my answer always will be having makeup products and a bundle of books. So, this time... Continue Reading →

Pre Holiday Pampering

Finally, its the time of the year when we are planing for our winter holiday. And it's my favorite time for holidaying and it's the perfect season for holidaying in the hill station with its nature, smelling the fresh cold wintry air, enjoying the snowfall and the sunrise. This all scenarios are just breath taking.... Continue Reading →

My top 5 lipstick

Being a makeup junkie, I always first reach for a beautiful lip color every time I do my makeup. But, when it's time to pick your favorite lip color from your lip stash it become a lot harder to go and choose the favorite one because you have already stack it with a lot more... Continue Reading →

Know The New Lakme CC

The beauty and the makeup world go huge everyday with all new launches of the products. As, a makeup junkie, I literally try to hop around the online site overtime to find out all about the new products. And in my sledge I found out the Lakme Complexion Care Color transformation cream. As, the name... Continue Reading →

Lookfantastic In India

When you know you are a makeup addict, then all those beautiful places become your best buddy as those places actually makes you much more happy than other things, and also then and now you become the expert of those beautiful things and places. And when you know that those favourite places of yours are... Continue Reading →

Summer Stories- Beauty secret

Every season comes with new challenges for you and for your skin too. Perfecting your skin to be comfortable on it and to be confident enough is also a challenge. Every season has different way to pamper your skin, like the winter needs to protect your skin from dryness whereas summer comes to protecting the... Continue Reading →

The summer stories

Its all new season with all new you. The Summer always comes with extra challenges like to keep skin clear, take a fresh beauty regime, keep hair safe from sweat and many more. So, Heal Up The Life is coming with the brand new series for summer, that is going to explain the essential for... Continue Reading →

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