Casual Looks

Fashion does not mean to be on the most costliest dress, or to buy the most branded outfit. Fashion means to be in the comfort zone, be confident on the outfits you have picked for yourself and it does not matter where there the outfits belongs to the most costly brands or not Your taste... Continue Reading →


My bed side table (at hostel)

The bedside table, the bedside table has always been the most important table for me, I know everyone will agree to my statement, because it’s the easiest way to access to your things that you require throughout the day. And here is my bedside table that I have designed or you can say decorated in... Continue Reading →

Summer and a Monsoon LookBook

Fashion is the thing that everyone is born with. Everyone has their own fashion attitude, and their personal taste to style. And everybody should get comfortable in what they wear, as because comfort brings the confident in your style.   Fashion gets changed with the season and yes, even with mood, like your makeup. And... Continue Reading →

The summer stories

Its all new season with all new you. The Summer always comes with extra challenges like to keep skin clear, take a fresh beauty regime, keep hair safe from sweat and many more. So, Heal Up The Life is coming with the brand new series for summer, that is going to explain the essential for... Continue Reading →

A day for Formals

Conference...Meeting.... Formals...Seminars...Interview...Last week I attended a conference (conference always sounds so formal). Being a volunteer on a department in that conference I got to dress up on formals. I just took so many photos of me on the event on formals as I rarely dress up on formals. After the event got over I was... Continue Reading →

A Lookbook to LOVE

Finally i came up with a lookbook video for my channel. I Film like for daily Four looks that we all round usually carry out, or we all want to carry out.We all love to be on fashion, be on trend but yes its hard to be perfectly dressed up perfectly choose the assesories for... Continue Reading →

Suit it up without suit

Its like really hard for the girls to decide how they should make their man go formal to look like more sophisticated and classic and take them to their parents to introduce? Yes, i totally agree that its more harder for the men to decide how to get and look formal without suit (if you... Continue Reading →

All About You By Deepika Padukone

I am a huge online shopaholic, so whenever i have time or not i definately check every site out there whethere of dress, cosmetic or even home decor.So, yesterday when i open the Myntra App and was scrolling down the screen, my eyes catch the new clothing line open by our's own Deepika Padukone. (She... Continue Reading →


As the winter arrives the craziness of the girls to buy boots and to style up with the boots touch the peak of the summit.But sometimes it get hard for some of us to decide how to style the boots up with our outlooks.I am a huge fan of boots. I really love to wears... Continue Reading →


Winter is almost coming and the Hot summer is finally going....We all love to stay in fashion, love to follow new trends. But most of we don't get to know about the recent trend.No worries here i bought "seven" trend colour for this fall....                       ... Continue Reading →

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