The Granola Recipe

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And literally, breakfast is my favorite meal, as a food junkie if you get something to eat just after you wake up that it will be the best of all. Also, the taste for the breakfast differ for me day to day and to my mood,... Continue Reading →


Sunny Summer Smoothie

It always feels great to share something great. So, here I am sharing a recipe that I have just tried which taste as amazing as it sounds. Also, as the summer is already burning up I thought to try a drink which is as healthy as tasty. So, I tried the Sunny summer smoothie which... Continue Reading →

Cookie Delight

I was always been a huge fan of baking and baking products like cake (I love cake), cookies, etc. So, recently I visited my family and I spend a day baking cookies and all were so happy to have those, all has just adored it. So, I thought I should share my take on baking cookies. The... Continue Reading →

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